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Climate Warrior Program for Schools

A unique education program where trained college students facilitate this experiential learning program for school children on climate change

Climate Protest

The Program

The impact of climate change (CC) is no longer debated. On the contrary, they are visible and are manifesting in more than one forms - human health, food, and the economy. 

It has become critically important to firstly, understand and acknowledge that there is a climate emergency; secondly, to disseminate the knowledge of climate impacts and understand how to mitigate and adapt to the situation and thirdly, to take appropriate actions at all levels – from individual, societal upto all levels of the government. 

Today’s school children will be the sufferers of tomorrow – and we, as their guardians, cannot afford to remain complacent. 


As an association of like-minded organisations, we recognise our responsibility to take part in climate action. With this in intention, we propose a climate awareness and experiential learning program for schools in Pune. The program is titled ‘Pune’s -Climate Warriors Program for Schools (CWPS)’.



Making Every Child Aware of Climate Change and Climate Actions

Collectively take action and steps towards reducing our carbon footprint and sensitize the society through children to be more conscious about the environment



Educating the young about the causes and consequences of Climate Change.


Developing a culture of caring for the environment, surroundings and living beings.


Promote children to become the ‘Agents of Change’.


Associated NGOs

Association for Learning, Education, Research and Training
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Symbiosis Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability
Knowledge Partners
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